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A (not so deep) Dive into Grafana CVE-2021-43798
CORS,CSRF? 傻傻分不清楚
pwn2win 2021 Ruthless Monster writeup
Active Directory Penetration Testing
OSWE reflection


STACK the Flags WEB Writeups
[HTB] Crossfit
[HTB] Laser
[HTB] Compromised
[HTB] Passage
[HTB] Feline
[HTB] Omni
[HTB] Worker
Re-reinventing the wheel
[HTB] Unbalanced
OSCE reflection
shellcode encoder based on z3 solver
Writing win32 shellcode
The art of short shellcode - 短shellcode的艺术
UMDCTF writeup
How to do mass exploitation on CSRF vulnerability


hacking pusage on sunfire
重复造轮子 - Reinventing the wheel
OSCP reflection
strange behaviour of move_uploaded_file() in PHP
Pinky's Palace: v2 walkthrough
Pinky's Palace: v3 walkthrough
xerxes: 2 walkthrough
xerxes: 1 walkthrough
Moonraker: 1 walkthrough
Rotating Fortress: 1.0.1 walkthrough
Replay: 1 walkthrough
Bob: 1.0.1 walkthrough
Sputnik: 1 walkthrough
Matrix: 2 walkthrough
Matrix: 1 walkthrough
Silky-CTF: 0x02 walkthrough
Silky-CTF: 0x01 walkthrough
W34kn3ss: 1 walkthrough
Casino Royale: 1 walkthrough
unknowndevice64: 1 walkthrough
digitalworld.local: MERCY walkthrough
digitalworld.local: BRAVERY walkthrough
digitalworld.local: DEVELOPMENT walkthrough
CDDC19 qual writeup
GoldenEye_1 walkthrough
DC-6 walkthrough
DC-5 walkthrough
DC-4 walkthrough
DC-3 walkthrough
DC-2 walkthrough
DC-1 walkthrough